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Irrigation Starter Kit

Irrigation Starter Kit
Push Connect Plumbing Kit
The ProBite® lead free irrigation starter kit is the perfect kit with everything you'll need for common irrigation and sprinkler plumbing applications. The lead free irrigation kit comes with a carrying case and a wide variety of lead free plumbing fittings that are easy to connect and remove.
Features Include:
Handy tool carrying case
Wide assortment of push connect plumbing fittings and accessories including:

2 each: LF821, LF831, LF822M, LF832M, LF823, LF833, PB722, PB732

1 each: LF822F, LF832F, LF824, LF826, LF836, PB721, PB731, QF102

Weight 116.59 oz
Our price: $317.05