Plumbing Applications

Permanent Push Connect Plumbing

ProBite ® Plumbing Training - Learn how to install and disconnect ProBite push fittings

Sales Team Training for the ProBite ® Product Line is available for distributors upon consultation with a Quick Fitting Representative.

Please call 877-4-Push it to speak with a representative today!

DIY Plumbing Repairs

Installation Videos

Plumbing Repair Made Easy

ProBite's quick connect ball valves and fittings make plumbing repairs a snap... literally!

How to Remove Probites Fittings

ProBite's easy removal steps for their push connect fittings!

Inline Water Filter

Using ProBite's push connect fittings to install an inline water filter couldn't be easier!


Sink Application

With ProBite's push connect fittings installing a sink application is quick and painless.

Toilet Application

ProBite's push fittings make a toilet installation a small and easy plumbing job!

Water Heater Application

ProBite's push connect fittings are great for installing a water heater!

ProBite ® Push Fit Plumbing Technology

ProBite's Premium Construction Provides Superior Performance & the Industry's Best Warranty!

Why install inferior metal or plastic fittings that are made or warranted to last about as long as a fluorescent bulb? Accept no substitutes, choose the only brand of fitting with a 75-year warranty, ProBite.


Professional grade quality, backed by the ProBite ® superior warranty is just the start. Save time and money on your installation by completing your projects in 1/12th to 1/20th of conventional soldered technology.

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