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Compression Versus Quick Connect Fittings

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Compare Compression Fittings With ProBite

With ProBite ® Plumbing Fittings there are no longer worries about under or over tightening any compression bolts as you would with a compression fitting. Our Push Connect ® Fittings do not compression fittingsuse any type of compression bolts, just push to connect, while at the same time prevents any leaking fluids from hot, cold, and high pressure pipes.

Compression fittings use a soft metal compression ring which is squeezed onto the pipe and into the fitting by the compression nut. This soft metal is compressed to the surface of both the tubing and fitting creating a seal. It is important that the right pressure is applied when tightening the compression bold so you don't under or over tighten the bolt.

Compression Compared to Push Connect ® Plumbing Fittings

There are a few differences between compression and push-to-connect fittings that can make a big difference. Besides from saving time and money, compression fittings can easily leak if the compression bold is not tightened properly.

Compression and Push Connect ® Fittings Differences:

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