Plumbing Applications

Permanent Push Connect ® Plumbing

Water Heaters and ProBite ® Push-Fittings

water heater shut off valvesProBite ® Quick Connect Fittings and Valves are commonly used in gas and electric water heaters for a number of reasons. One is that they can be installed without open flames (no soldering). Along with eliminating the dangers of soldering near gas lines, there are no special tools involved to connect the pipe which allows you to work in tight places like the inside of a water heater.

ProBite ® fittings have been tested and proven to work with extreme low and high temperatures which make it a perfect fit for a water heater shutoff valve. While water heaters typically hold water between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, our push-to-connect fittings can safely be used up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit at 200 PSI (tested at 900 PSI).

If your water heater requires repairs, our quick connect technology allows anyone to repair a leaky fitting or valve without the hassles and experience that comes with soldering and compression.

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