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In-Wall Plumbing Solutions - Fix Pipe Leaks

In-Wall Plumbing with ProBite ® Push Connect ® Products

easy in-wall plumbing solutionsHave a leak or need to replace In-Wall pipes? In-Wall plumbing can sometimes be a nightmare, especially when soldering or using compression. When using these methods, it is common that much of the surrounding architecture needs to be ripped up to get full access to the pipes. In other words, replacing a few pipes goes hand in hand with replacing a large section of your wall. Fortunately there is another way...

With ProBite ® push to connect fittings, you can reduce/eliminate wall damage because our quick connect technology does not require a large opening for access. In fact, you can connect pipe with our fittings in a tight area without worrying about damaging surrounding walls with open flames or having to work with special tools. There are no open flames, clamps, or special tools required to connect the pipe. Simply clean the pipe, mark it, and push the fitting on the pipe to make the secure connection.

In Wall Plumbing - Comparing ProBite ® with Soldering and Compression

ProBite ® Quick Connection Technology

Steps Involved to Connect Pipe:

  • Clean, Cut, and Mark pipe.
  • Push together fitting and pipe to make a secure connection.

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Connect Pipe - Soldering & Compression

in wall solderingSoldering Steps:

  • Clean, Cut, and Mark the pipe.
  • Insert pipe into the fitting.
  • Heat pipe and fitting with open flame and melt solder around seams.
  • Wipe excess solder.

Compression Steps:

  • in-wall compressionClean, Cut, and Mark pipe.
  • Slide the nut onto the pipe.
  • Slide on the compression ring (ferrule).
  • Tighten the nut by hand as much as possible, then make another turn with a wrench. This force will press the compression ring into the compression seat. It is important not to over or under tighten the bolt. The compression seat is now pressed against the pipe.
  • A seal occurs when the ferrule is squeezed against the pipe. This will be a tight seal since copper is very soft and can be manipulated easily.


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