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Fix Sub Ground Plumbing Leaks with Push Connect ® Fittings

Plumbing Sub-Ground with ProBite ® Plumbing Products

sub ground plumbing fittingsProBites quick connect fittings are commonly used in sub-ground and in-wall piping systems because of their versatility. With the ability to connect pipe in seconds, even in tight spaces, ProBite ® fittings reduce installation time and money spent on special tools. Connect to Copper, CPVC, and PEX in any combination.

When installing pipes sub-ground, it is extremely important that every connection made is secure and leak free. Making leak repairs in these instances can be very costly because it may require flooring to be ripped up to access the pipe. Fortunately with ProBite ® fittings, you do not need a large opening for access to repair your leaky compression or soldered fittings. This is because our quick connect technology does not need compression wrenches or open flames to melt the solder. See how our fittings make a leak free connection in just seconds.

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