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ProBite ® Plumbing Fittings for Potable Water Piping Systems

potable water plumbing fittingsWhen installing any type of potable water piping system, it is extremely important that the pipe and the fittings you are installing have been tested and approved not only for pressure and temperature, but for health standards as well.

There have been thousands of reports that heart disease, cancer, gastrointestinal illnesses and even death can result from contamination or chemicals in our water. Some of these studies trace back not only to a bad source of water, but to the materials used in the piping system. Scary enough, there are popular products (including plumbing fittings) on the shelf today that are made from materials that have been known to cause cancer and other life threatening symptoms.

ProBite ® Fittings Meet Health Standards

ProBite ® plumbing fittings have been tested not only for pressures and temperatures, but for health standards as well. You can be worry free of using our fittings in any type of potable water application. We know the importance of having a safe chemical free drinking water environment, which is why ProBite ® fittings have been extensively tested to ensure your health.

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