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Connecting PEX tubing with Push Connect ® Fittings

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) piping is commonly used for hot and cold water applications. Ideally suited for applications where temperatures can reach up to 200 °F (90 °C). The ability to bend and shape CPVC enables its use in a wide variety of applications. It exhibits fire-retardant properties and chemical resistance.

Connecting CPVC can be done a few different ways. CPVC pipe can be connected using compression fittings, glues, and quick connect fittings. While compression and glues are a common method, they are certainly not the most efficient way of connecting pipe. In fact, with the quick connection technology, you can connect CPVC in seconds with no crimp rings and special tools or messy glues.


Connecting CPVC with Compression Fittings and Glues

glued fittingsWithout some experience in using crimp rings to compress a tight leak free connection, you may find that compression is not the best solution for you. Even a professional plumber may find compression time consuming and difficult to work with in tight areas. Glues may be a bit easier, however can be much more messier.

Steps to Connect CPVC using Glues:

After cutting, cleaning, and marking the tubing, be sure to completely dry the fitting and tubing. After, it is necessary to evenly apply the glue, then connect the fitting and pipe while holding it in place while the glue dries.

Steps to Connect CPVC with Compression Fittings:

After cutting, cleaning, and marking the tubing, slip a crimp ring over the smooth end.

Slot in the barbed end of the fitting into the CPVC until it is secure against the cut edges. Then you will need to place the crimp ring so it is 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch from the end of the pipe, covering the barbed end of the fitting, and then tighten the fitting by hand for positioning.

Finally, line up the jaws of a full-circle crimping tool over the crimp ring and compress the handles together to tighten the ring. If the connection was not made properly, it will require cutting of the tube, since the tubing will be damaged by the crimp.

Connecting CPVC Pipe with Push to Connect Fittings

When installing CPVC pipe with ProBite ® Push Connect ® fittings, you will need to cut the pipe, clean it, and mark it just as you would with preparing for any other method of fitting connection. However instead of having to use crimp rings, special tools, or glues, you can simply push the fitting onto the PEX tubing until it reaches your mark and snaps tight. The fitting will make a tight leak free connection in seconds and you don't need to worry about under or over tightening or messy glues.

Common CPVC Pipe Applications

CPVC Common Application: chemical processing, high purity applications, hot and cold potable water systems, water and wastewater treatment, industrial applications involving hot corrosive fluid transfer.

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