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ProBite ® Push Fit Heating System Fittings

installing heating pipe systemProBites push-to-connect fittings are used in a wide variety of applications. Along with plumbing applications, our fittings are commonly used in Heating Systems as well because of their ease of assembly and ability to withstand extreme high and low temperatures.

When installing pipes for a heating system, it is extremely important that every connection made is secure and leak free. This is largely due to the fact that most heating piping systems are in-wall or sub-floor. Making leak repairs in these instances can be very costly.

It is common that crimp fittings are sometimes over or under tightened. Their connection can also be misleading because they may not start to leak for a week or even a few months after installation. When connecting pipe with ProBite ® quick connect fittings, you don’t need to worry about crimping or even soldering. Our fittings make a secure leak free connection simply by pushing the fitting onto the pipe until it snaps tight.

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