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Glued and Quick Connect Fittings Compared

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What are Glued Fittings and how are they used on CPVC?

Forget the mess that comes with glued fittings. ProBite ® does not use messy glues to connect CPVC and can easily connect and disconnect if desired. There is no waiting for glued fittings connecting CPVCpiping to dry and ProBite ® quick plumbing fittings can connect pipe in just seconds.

When working with glued fittings it is required that you completely clean the pipe before the glue is applied. For a complete seal, it is important that you carefully spread a proper amount of glue on the pipe completely around the surface area that will be inserted into the fitting.

Once the glue is applied, the pipe should be inserted into the fitting with a twisting motion and held in place until the glue is dried and there is a tight seal. Glued fittings are commonly used with CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride). It is very difficult to not make a mess when connecting tubing with glued fittings as seen in the image to the right.

Benefits of Quick Connect Fittings over Glued

Working with glued fittings can not only make a mess but can be very time consuming when having to evenly apply the glue and hold the connection together until the glue dries. With ProBite's Quick Connect technology you can connect pipe with a single push and easily disconnect the pipes if desired without have to cut and damage the piping as you would with glued fittings.

Major Differences Between Glued and Push to Connect Fittings:

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