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Compare Quick Connect with Soldered Fittings

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Soldered and Push Connect ® Fittings for Copper Pipe

The differences between Quick Push Connect ® ProBite ® Plumbing Fittings and soldering make two extremely different ways of connecting pipe. The time difference alone from soldered to quick connect translate from hours to minutes.

soldered plumbing fittingsAlthough soldering was a very common way of connecting piping, it can be a very messy and difficult procedure. With ProBite ® Push Connect ® fittings, it makes any project large or small a very quick process especially when compared to soldering. The process of soldering includes having a soldering iron or flame and solder to melt the metals and join the fitting and copper pipe. This will make a permanent connection between the fitting and pipe and can be a very difficult process when working in tight quarters and where heat should not be used (pressurized pipes).

The Benefits of Quick Connect Technology over Soldering

ProBite ® Quick Connect Fittings do not require any open flame or soldering to make a leak free copper pipe connection. This makes it easier for those tough to get at places and you don't need to worry about damaging other surrounding pipes.

Differences Between Soldered and Push Connect ® Fittings:

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