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Connecting Copper Pipe with Quick Connect Fittings

The most common residential plumbing materials for water-supply lines are copper pipes. Copper piping is very popular because of it durability and it's variety of grades. It is used extensively to convey potable water because of it's corrosion resistance, machinability, and high level of heat transfer.

There are a few ways of connecting copper pipe. Soldering and compression are two popular methods, however, because of the time spent and money invested in tools, they are not the most efficient way. ProBite's Quick fitting technology allows the ability to accomplish the same secure connection (even more secure than soldering and compression) while at the same time eliminating the hassles, mess, and required tools that come with soldering and compression.

Connecting Copper Pipe by Soldering and Compression

connect copper pipeSoldering and Compression can be quite a hassle especially to the average DIY home owner. Even with a professional plumber who carries the required tools to solder and use compression fittings, it can become an extremely long process installing pipe especially in hard to get at areas.

Soldering Copper Tubing:

The process of soldering includes an open flame and solder to melt the metals and join the fitting and copper pipe. This will make a permanent connection between the fitting and pipe and can be a very difficult process when working in tight quarters and where heat should not be used (pressurized pipes). In addition to this, pipes that are close to a wall may be impossible to install without damaging the walls with the open flame (with no special tools).

Compression Fittings on Copper Tubing:

Compression Fittings are also popular with connecting copper tubing, however they require special compression tools and make a permanent connection that requires the replacement of the pipe if there is ever a need to disconnect (in instances of a leak).

Connecting Copper Pipe with Push to Connect Fittings

When installing copper pipe with ProBite ® quick connect fittings, you will need to cut the copper tubing, clean it, and mark it just as you would with preparing for any other method of fitting connection. However instead of having to solder, you can simply push the fitting onto the copper until it reaches your mark and snaps tight. The fitting will make a tight leak free connection in seconds.

Common Copper Pipe Applications

Common Copper Pipe Applications include the following: Oil-free compressed air, Vacuum systems, Heating and cooling, Sprinkler systems, Potable water, Fluid transfer, Chilled water, Hot water, Car wash applications, Underground fluid piping, Water treatment systems.

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