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ProBite ® plumbing push to connect fitting technology is becoming such a popular way of connecting pipe for DIY homeowners and professional plumbers because of its design for simplification of pipe installation.

The quick connect push-fit technology allows for any user to connect a variety of piping materials in just seconds. ProBite ® allows you to connect PEX tubing, CPVC, and Copper pipes in any combination with no special tools. It eliminates the hassles and mess that are involved with soldering, compression, and glues because of its ability to grip the pipe when pushed on and make a secure leak free connection. Along with a quick connection process, your piping connection can also be disassembled if desired. With a simple disconnect tool you can release the firm connection without damaging the pipe as you would with other connection methods (soldering, crimping, glues). ProBite also has a repairable O-ring incase damaged during installation or disassembling the pipe. With other push-fit brands, a damaged O-ring would require complete replacement of the fitting.

ProBite ® Push-Fit Plumbing Fitting

quick disconnect fittings

With an instant push-fit connection, ProBites major advantages over other piping installation methods are its ease of installation and un-installation. Simply cut the pipe, clean it, mark it, and snap the fitting in place with a single push. This creates a secure connection tested to 900 PSI and recommended for temperatures up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, at 200 PSI. To disconnect, slip the disassemble tool over the pipe flush against the fitting, pulling on the tool and the pipe simultaneously.

Forget about the tools involved with soldering and compression. Forget about the hassles of having open flames in hard to reach places or the worries of damaging surrounding pipes and walls. Connect a variety of pipes in seconds, even those hard to reach – behind the wall or under the sink pipes. Save on installation time, labor costs, and tools. Top all that off with a 75 year fitting warranty, and it is no wonder why ProBite ® is the number one fitting in the industry.

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